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Remediation of contamination is a highly specialised process that combines a range of niche technical skills across the fields of environmental science and engineering. Different contaminants require varied remedial approaches depending on the media requiring treatment and the prevailing site conditions; every site is unique.

Our value proposition is in the combination of consultancy and contracting; the strategic analysis of remediation options, the design of innovative and efficient remediation methods, and our ability to offer turnkey solutions (design, construct, operate, maintain) for the remediation of soil, water and other media.

We have a proven track record in the delivery of complex remediation projects across the Defence, aviation, infrastructure, construction and urban renewal sectors, including specialist soil and groundwater remediation for PFAS and other emerging contaminants.

​Our range of remediation services include:

  • ​Remediation options appraisal.

  • Remediation feasibility/cost-benefit analysis.

  • Remediation design, modelling, planning and project management.

  • Document preparation (HSEQ, management plans, approvals).

  • Compliance monitoring and reporting.

  • Water treatment (design, construct and operate).

  • Soil treatment (design, construct, operate).

  • Licensed waste removal, transport and disposal.

  • Regulator, stakeholder and community consultation.

We are able to offer expert, proven solutions in the following specialist areas:

  • ​PFAS treatment and remediation (soil, sediments, surface water, groundwater, concrete).

  • Hydrocarbon treatment (soil, vapour, surface water, groundwater).

  • Asbestos remediation in structures and soils (removal, screening, encapsulation).

  • Innovative in situ and ex situ treatment alternatives to conventional disposal.

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