PM Apartments Port Melbourne

Western Environmental were engaged to assist a client in the rezoning and development of a former industrial site into a multistorey residential apartment building. PCB-impacted groundwater was identified within the target zone for dewatering and construction as well as other concomitant impacts including asbestos, and the presence of acid sulfate soils.

The works included detailed data review, obtaining relevant approvals and licences, further technical investigations and the development of a groundwater management strategy. During construction, Western Environmental were engaged to design, construct, operate and maintain a groundwater treatment system to remove organic contaminants, adjust pH and remove suspended solids to facilitate discharge to the trade waste system. Additional tasks included ongoing management of acid sulfate soils, and high-frequency groundwater compliance monitoring and reporting. Works were undertaken under 53X Audit by a VIC EPA-appointed Contaminated Sites Auditor.


Location VIC

Services Remediation