Ammonia Nitrate Plant Remediation

Western Environmental was engaged in the investigation and remediation of a loss of containment event involving activated-methyl diethanolamine (a-MDEA) at a site in north-west WA. Works included preparation of a sampling and analysis quality plan, detailed site investigation, and a Tier 2 risk assessment for a highly mobile and complex contaminant. Regulator liaison was required to obtain approval for site-specific criteria and on-site analytical methodology due to contaminant degradation rates.

The spill was successfully remediated, and procedures put in place to manage future loss of containment events. In subsequent phases of work at a related site, a remediation options assessment identified Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation (EISB) as a preferred remedial approach for significant ammonia and nitrate impacts in groundwater. Western Environmental was engaged to design, construct, commission and operate a pilot scale injection system to confirm treatment efficacy. A full-scale EISB system is currently being deployed.



Location WA

Services Contamination Remediation