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Compliance Management & Reporting


We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure environmental management and compliance obligations are met for every project. Our capabilities range from ad-hoc field data and sample collection, right through to comprehensive turnkey project solutions, where we supply staff, equipment and other necessary resources to deliver complete environmental management packages on behalf of our clients.

Our range of compliance services includes:

  • Provision of on-site Environmental Superintendent and Environmental Advisors (including secondment).

  • Delivery of ongoing monitoring programs.

  • Hire of environmental monitoring and testing equipment.

  • Preparation of environmental compliance reports to comply with approval, license and permit requirements.

  • Data collection, testing and analysis, including:​​​

    • Surface water monitoring.

    • Dewatering monitoring.

    • Waste stream monitoring.

    • Dust monitoring (TSP, PM10, PM2.5).

    • Air quality monitoring (particulates, airborne contaminants, aerosols).

    • Asbestos monitoring (workplace, para-occupational, fixed site).

    • Landfill and ground gas monitoring.

    • Flora/vegetation surveys.

    • Fauna surveys.

    • Noise and vibration testing.

    • Radioactive materials testing (soil, air, groundwater).

  • Groundwater monitoring.

  • Asbestos and hazardous materials testing.

  • Waste classification testing.

  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) testing (including treatment validation).

  • Soil and sediment contamination testing.

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