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Occupational Health and Safety

The Western Environmental Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system and supporting policy, AS 4801:2001 certificate, identifies our key health and safety goals and objectives to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all people. Our key goals are zero lost-time injuries and occupational illnesses; this has been successfully achieved and maintained since the company began in 2011.

Quality Management

At Western Environmental, quality is intrinsic to our business and we ensure quality controls is applied in everything we do. Quality is integrated at all project stages, along with risk management, and safety management. This identifies our key quality management objectives and our Quality Manual provides a roadmap for our Quality Management System (QMS).


Environmental Management

The Western Environmental, Environment and Sustainability Policy identifies our key environment and sustainability objectives, while our Environmental Management Manual provides structure for project work execution in order to prevent, control and abate pollution and environmental harm, for the purpose of conserving, preserving, protecting, enhancing and managing the environment.