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Contamination presents risk to human health and the environment if not assessed and managed appropriately. The management of these risks is a prescribed, staged process that requires regulatory approval and compliance, and requiring administration by qualified practitioners in order to ensure confidence in outcomes.

The assessment and management of contamination can present significant potential liability for landowners and occupiers, as well as presenting substantial time and cost risk to proponents delivering projects where impacts are present. These risks are elevated during land transactions where potential buyers may be acquiring liability along with asset purchase.

Technically robust assessment results in site-specific solutions that are safe, pragmatic and are cost-effective in their delivery. Securing such an outcome is underpinned by the experience and competency of the team delivering the project, with a broad range of expertise across many different environmental conditions, market sectors and contaminants a necessity. Our national team of contamination experts has the breadth and depth of skills to successfully deliver all types of projects.

Our range of contamination services include:

  • Strategic risk and land transaction advisory services.

  • Regulator and third-party stakeholder engagement.

  • Due diligence and feasibility assessment.

  • Site Assessment (PSI/SAQP/DSI, Phase1/Phase 2/ESA).

  • Conceptual site modelling.

  • Contaminant fate and transport modelling.

  • Human and ecological health risk assessment (Tier 1, 2 and 3, qualitative and quantitative).

  • Remediation action plans.

  • Remediation options appraisal.

  • Supervision of remediation activities (including compliance monitoring and testing).

  • Closure and validation reporting.

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